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2020-02-22 Shadow of a Doubt Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2020-02-08 Out of Our Hiding Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2020-02-01 Deep Questions From Dark Places Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2020-01-25 The Earth Opens Up Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2020-01-18 Mystery on Display Play
2020-01-11 Help My Unbelief Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2020-01-04 A New Living Faith in an Old Rugged Cross Play
2019-12-21 Mission Update Play
2019-12-14 Supernatural Law Pastor Ryan Play
2019-12-07 The Life of the Party Play
2019-11-30 Expressions of Praise Church Congregation Play
2019-11-23 Reference Point Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-11-16 Adventurer/Pathfinder Induction Ceremony Ryan Rogers Play
2019-11-09 100 Big Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-11-02 Communion Pastor Ryan Rogers and Others Play
2019-10-26 Return to My Rest Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-10-19 Return to My Purity Play
2019-10-12 Return To My Law Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-10-05 Works Bonnie Steinbrunner Play
2019-09-28 The Big Picture Monte Burtch Play
2019-09-21 Return to My Spirit Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-09-17 Return To My Grace Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-09-07 Return to My Presence Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-08-31 Return To My Power Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-08-24 Return To My Promises Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-08-17 Return To Me Pastor Ryan Roger Play
2019-08-10 Nothing Matters Pastor Gerald Haeger Play
2019-08-03 The Touch Of The Master's Hand Stacy Peterson and Matthew Biloff Play
2019-07-27 Family We Are Family Elder John Loor Jr. Play
2019-07-13 Compassion Beverly Neuman/Bonnie Steinbrunner Play
2019-07-06 One God John Oliver Play
2019-06-29 Motivated to Serve Stacey Peterson Play
2019-06-22 Lessons From Genesis Kendra Burtch, Lucas Beuno, Cheyanne Cline Play
2019-06-15 And All The Multitude Were Amazed Rob Carleson Play
2019-06-08 Operation Arctic VBS Play
2019-06-01 Touch The Glove Laura Peterson Play
2019-05-25 Who Moved My Cheese? Stacy Peterson Play
2019-05-18 America In Prophesy: The Road Ahead Elder Ken Crawford Play
2019-05-11 Ready, Aim, Forgive Matt Biloff Play
2019-05-04 What Are We Missing Stacy Peterson Play
2019-04-27 Life More Abundant Pastor Ryan Rogers Play
2019-04-20 The Loud Cry Monte Burtch Play
2019-04-13 To the Arctic with Love Catherine Parris Play
2019-04-06 Bible Verse Testimony Multiple Speakers Play
2019-04-01 Jesus Is Coming Soon Pastor Wendell Downs Play
2019-03-23 The Father Loves His Son Play
2019-03-16 All About Jesus - Homecoming Pastor Gary Venden Play
2019-03-09 All About Jesus - Born Twice? Gary Venden Play
2019-03-02 To Dwell In Unity - Greater Works Center Greater Works Play
2019-02-23 God's Will Matthew Sandvvik Play
2019-02-16 Jesus, The Great Mentor Elder Dane Bailey Play
2019-02-09 The World's Best Love Story Matt Biloff Play
2019-02-02 One Grain Of Rice Tobin Dodge Play
2019-01-26 Cowardly To Courageous Catherine Parris Play
2019-01-19 Unity Dane Bailey Play
2019-01-12 Troubles Jason McLin Play
2019-01-05 Bible Verse Testimony Monte Burch Play
2018-12-22 A Family of Faith Christmas Program Play
2018-12-08 Doing Life Together Play
2018-12-01 Keys to Victory: Agonizing in Prayer Play
2018-11-24 Thanksgiving—A History Play
2018-11-17 The Bottom Line Elder Kevin Miller Play
2018-11-13 The Sanctuary Shall Be Cleansed Play
2018-11-03 It's A Matter Of Perspective Play
2018-10-27 When God Makes A Convenant Matthew Biloff Play
2018-10-20 The Bread of Life Pastor Tobin Dodge Play
2018-10-13 Adventurer / Pathfinder Induction Kathryn Arndt and Marta Beaubien Play
2018-09-29 Fearfully And Wonderfully Made Garrick Herr Play
2018-09-22 Church - A Spiritual Greenhouse Elder Monte Burch Play
2018-09-15 Reach the World Next Door Missionary Play
2018-09-08 The Touch of a Lifetime Pastor Carl Butler Play
2018-09-01 Gods Testimony Paul Volk Play
2018-08-25 Adventist Frontier Missions Guest Speaker Play
2018-08-18 Teamwork Dane Bailey Play
2018-08-11 What Does God Mean To You? The Peterson Family Play
2018-08-25 When I Am Weak He Is Strong Play
2018-07-28 Discovering Jesus. Again. Pastor Nathan Stearman Play
2018-07-14 Me? Teach?!? Catherine Parris Play
2018-07-07 The Adventist Lifestyle - A Moral Issue Pastor Wendell Downs Play
2018-06-30 Night And Day Elder Kent Sandvik Play
2018-06-23 Provoking To Love Play
2018-06-16 Rejoicing In Tough Times Pastor Jere Webb Play
2018-06-09 How I Have Seen God In My Life Rob Carleson Play
2018-06-02 The Good News Pastor Steve Evenson Play
2018-05-26 Pentecost, The Fiftieth Day Dr. John Oliver Play
2018-05-19 The Bloodstained Hand L.S. Baker, Jr. Play
2018-05-12 Alaska Samoan Pathfinders And Adventurers Play
2018-05-05 Bolivia Mission Update Rick Jordan Play
2018-04-28 The Young Men Declaration - Part 1 Pastor Carl Butler, Jr. Play
2018-04-21 Papua New Guinea Wendell Downs, Dave Evans Play
2018-04-14 The Value Principal Dane Bailey Play
2018-04-07 Explore? Play
2018-04-07 Joanna Pastor Larry D. Mays Play
2018-03-24 Praying For The Spirit Pastor David Shin Play
2018-03-17 Where To Lay My Bones Elder Kevin Miller Play
2018-03-10 The Way Things Are... Pastor Tobin Dodge Play
2018-03-03 Hamans Last Words Mark Alder Play
2018-02-24 Stand Deliver Pt2 Lincoln Steed Play
2018-02-24 Stand and Deliver Lincoln Steed Play
2018-02-17 Heart To Heart Elder Miller Play
2018-02-10 History Matt Biloff Play
2018-02-03 Destroying Your "Giants" in 2018 Play
2018-01-27 You Never Even Call Me By My Name Dr. John Oliver Play
2018-01-20 Choose Dr. Joe Koliadko Play
2018-01-13 Watering The Gospel Pastor Carl Butler Play
2018-01-06 More Like Jesus Elder Quentin Purvis Play
2017-12-30 Miracle at Zero Degrees Stacy Peterson and George Alder Play
2017-12-16 Praying For Jesus to Come Play
2017-12-09 Jesus Is Coming - How To Be Ready Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-11-25 Theology Of Love Part 5 "Standards" Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-11-18 A Theology of Love Part 4 Play
2017-11-11 Adventurer Pathfinder Induction Katie Arndt & Marta Beaubien Play
2017-11-04 A Theology of Love Part 3b Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-10-28 A Theology of Love Part 3a Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-10-21 A Theology of Love Part 2 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-10-14 A Theology of Love Part 1 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-10-07 Blessed To Be a Blessing Kent George Play
2017-09-30 Grace - Not Because of but or Good Works Play
2017-09-23 Panama Mission Taylor and Cameron Peterson Play
2017-09-16 How Then Shall We Live Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-09-09 The Opposite Game Elder Jeff Metherell Play
2017-09-02 Giving Is Living Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-08-26 Micah Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-08-19 The Splitting of Adventism Pastor Downs Play
2017-08-12 Becoming God's Friend Elder Rodney West Play
2017-07-29 Born Of The Spirit Pastor Eddie Dopp Play
2017-07-29 God's Amazing Creatures David Stair Play
2017-07-08 Hydration Station Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-07-01 Trusting the Treasure Hunter Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-06-24 Transforming Power of God's Love Kasey Thomason Play
2017-06-17 Elder Dean Coridan Elder Dean Coridan Play
2017-06-10 TMI, Soul Winning and the Sabbath Part 6 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-06-03 TMI, Soul Winning and the Sabbath Part 5 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-05-27 TMI, Soul Winning and the Sabbath Part 4 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-05-20 TMI, Soul Winning and the Sabbath Part 3 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-05-13 TMI, Soul Winning and the Sabbath Part 2 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-05-06 Cast Your Net Mission Report Play
2017-05-06 TMI, Soul Winning and the Sabbath Part 1 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-04-22 Don't Miss the Garden Next Door Darnell King Play
2017-04-15 The Nature of Love Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-04-08 Does Your Anchor Hold Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-04-01 Live Hungry - Part 4 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-03-25 Live Hungry - Part 3 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-03-18 Empowering Wisdom Mitchell Powers Play
2017-03-11 Live Hungry - Part 2 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-03-04 Live Hungry - Part 1 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-02-25 Solution for Confusion Matthew Sandvik Play
2017-02-18 Paschel's Wager Kent Sandvik Play
2017-02-11 Between a Rock and a Hard Place James Hall Play
2017-02-04 The Great Gospel Hinge Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-01-28 Prostrate Before the Throne Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-01-21 Victory From Jesus Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-01-14 Blessings Exchange Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2017-01-07 New! James Hall Play
2016-12-31 Resolutions Matthew Sandvik Play
2016-12-24 Why We Do What We Do Joe Koliadko Play
2016-12-17 Church Christmas Music Play
2016-11-26 The Curious Case of Moab Elder Kevin Miller Play
2016-11-19 Vision Youth Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-11-12 Begin with the End in Mind Steven Steenmeyer Play
2016-11-05 Vision-Ruth Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-10-29 Vision Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-10-22 The Narrow Way Unshakeable Kingdom Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-10-15 Vision, Humility Play
2016-10-01 Communion Sabbath Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-09-24 The Narrow Way Hazards Play
2016-09-17 The Windswept House Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-09-10 The Narrow Way Gray Hair Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-09-03 Apostacy at the Jordan Kent Sandvik Play
2016-08-27 The Narrow Way Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-08-20 Avoiding Mistaken Identity Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-08-13 The Narrow Way - Rewards Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-08-06 The Narrow Way Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-07-30 The Talk of the Walk Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-07-16 Repetition Deepens Impression LaRae Papendick Play
2016-07-02 I am all in Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-06-25 Loving God Play
2016-06-18 The Christ of the Beloved Play
2016-06-11 The Law and the Covenants Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-06-04 A Fatal Deception Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-05-28 Is It Necessary for a Prophet Today Kent Sandvik Play
2016-05-16 AGA Mission Trip 2016 Report Mission Trippers Play
2016-05-07 A Firm Foundation Pastor Jeff Colman Play
2016-04-30 Auburn Adventist Academy Sylvan Chorale Play
2016-04-23 From Exodus to Advent - Intercessor Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-04-09 From Exodus to Advent - Heavy Hands Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-04-02 Water From the Rock Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-03-26 The Lords Supper Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-03-12 Exodus to Advent - Part VI Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-03-05 Exodus to Advent part - V Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-02-27 From Exodus to advent - Part IV Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-02-20 Heaven Elder Quentin Purvis Play
2016-02-13 Elijah Quentin Purvis Play
2016-02-06 Does Jesus Have a Twin Quentin Purvis Play
2016-01-30 From Exodus to Advent - Part III Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-01-23 Risk Yourself for God Kent George Play
2016-01-16 From Exodus to Advent - Part II Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-01-09 From Exodus to Advent - Part 1 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2016-01-02 Salvation The Experience of Change Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-12-26 Christmas Muscial Program - Part 2 Play
2015-12-26 Christmas Musical Program - Part 1 Play
2015-12-19 Joy to the World Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-12-12 Gentle Jesus Birth - Challenge and Change Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-12-05 The Dangers of Wonder Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-11-21 Jesus, Stones and Being Made Whole Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-10-24 Faithful Through the Storm Aaron Payne Play
2015-10-17 Prayer The Heart of Discipliship Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-10-10 Project Patch Chuck Hagele Play
2015-10-10 Why kids and families are under attack Chuck Hagale Play
2015-10-03 Master or Lord Elder Quentin Purvis Play
2015-09-26 Escaping Rebellion Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-09-19 Breaking the Cycle of Violence Elder Claudio Consuegra Play
2015-09-19 The Best Gift Elder Claudio Consuegra Play
2015-09-12 The Heart of Discipleship III Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-09-05 The Joy of Judgement Matthew Sandvik Play
2015-08-29 The Heart of Discipleship II Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-08-22 The Heart of Discipleship Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-08-15 Educational Discipleship Dane Bailey Play
2015-08-08 Getting Ready for Jesus Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-08-01 Getting Ready for Jesus to Come Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-07-18 Sacred Distractions Dr. Monte Burtch Play
2015-07-11 Begin With the End In Mind Steve Steenmeyer Play
2015-07-04 Come Ye Sinners Dane Bailey Play
2015-06-26 What God Has Blessed Elder Ken Crawford Play
2015-06-19 Building a Legacy - Part 2 Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-06-12 Building a Legacy Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-06-05 The 4 R's Chaplain James Hall Play
2015-05-29 The Bread of Life Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-05-22 Saul, Saul, What Do You See Quintin Purvis Play
2015-05-15 By Love, Serve One Another Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-05-08 Savior Like a Shepherd Pastor Neil Biloff Play
2015-05-01 Let Your Heart Be Broken Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-04-17 The Battle for My Spirit Dr. Wes Youngberg Play
2015-04-16 Diabetes Seminar - Part 1 Dr. Wes Youngberg Play
2015-04-03 Do Not Be Afraid - A Message of Hope Elder Ken Crawford Play
2015-03-27 Prophecies Cause - The Covenant Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-03-13 Between a Rock & a Hard Place Chaplain James Hall Play
2015-03-06 Prophesies Cause - The Great Exchange Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-02-27 Prophesies Cause - Finding God Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-02-20 Opportunity Knocking - Is There Not a Cause Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-02-13 Opportunity Knocking - Discipleship Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-02-06 Opportunity Knocking - RSVP Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-01-30 Opportunity Knocking - Give Me a Mountian Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-01-23 Opportunity Knocking Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2015-01-16 Hope for the future Matthew Sandvik Play
2015-01-09 Trusting Jesus For Eternal Life Matt Biloff Play
2015-01-02 New Year, New You Kenn Albertsen Play
2014-12-26 Ready Exercise Robby Teeling Play
2014-12-13 Where is God When it Hurts Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-12-06 The Curious Case of Moab Pastor Jeff Coleman Play
2014-11-29 The Curious Case of Moab Pastor Kevin Miller Play
2014-11-14 Second Coming Kent Sandvik Play
2014-11-14 Good Times Kenn Albertsen Play
2014-10-31 The Faith of Jesus Dr. John Oliver Play
2014-10-24 A Quiet Place With God Pastor Stephen Vicaro Play
2014-10-17 D.B.S. Tina Steenmeyer Play
2014-10-10 The Road Ahead Pastor Kenn Crawford Play
2014-10-03 Heaven View Quintin Purvis Play
2014-09-26 Choir Church Service Play
2014-09-19 The Blue Law of God Stacy Peterson Play
2014-09-12 Are You Commited Matthew Sandvik Play
2014-09-08 The Seven Women of Isaiah Dane Bailey Play
2014-08-29 Don't Just Do Something Stand There Pastor Don West Play
2014-08-22 What is Your Birth Stone Matt Biloff Play
2014-08-15 Jonah, Obedience in Progress Mark Alder Play
2014-08-08 Pasto Aaron Good-bye Pastor Aaron Play
2014-08-01 Bread & Water Joe Koliadko Play
2014-07-18 Worshiping God by Name Matt Biloff Play
2014-07-11 Price Check Play
2014-07-05 Silver & Gold Have I None Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-06-28 Endued With the Spirit Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-06-21 -Untitled- Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-06-14 -Untitled- Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-06-07 Everyone Proclaiming God's Truth Elder Ted Wilson Play
2014-05-30 Come & See Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-05-23 Life Changing Encounters Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-05-16 The Twin Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-05-09 When Jesus Hides Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-05-02 Ascension Mary Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-04-25 Resurrection to Ascension Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-04-11 Last Supper Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-04-04 Eating Fruit Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-04-04 Youth Church AGA Play
2014-03-28 Dominican Republic Mission Trip Report Rick Jordan Play
2014-03-21 God's Gym Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-03-14 Haman's Last Words Mark Alder Play
2014-03-08 What to do Matthew Sandvik Play
2014-03-01 The Faithfulness of God Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-02-21 His Way, or My Way Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-02-14 You Know What Happens When You Presume Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-01-31 More Than Meets the Eye Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-01-24 The New Jerusalem - Part 2 Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-01-17 The New Jerusalem Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2014-01-10 Walls Dane Bailey Play
2014-01-03 The 2nd Coming and Beyond - The Millennium Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-12-27 The 2nd Coming and Beyond - Being Ready Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-12-20 A Savior Who is Christ the Lord Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-12-13 Immanuel Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-12-06 Biblical Ordination Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-11-28 The Rag Man Pastor Rodney Payne Play
2013-11-22 Reformers: Martin Luther Pastor Aaron Paynr Play
2013-11-15 Reformers: William: Tyndale astor Aaron Payne Play
2013-11-09 Law & Grace Quentin Purvis Play
2013-11-02 Reformers: John Huss Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-10-25 The God of the Old Testament Matt Biloff Play
2013-10-18 The Nuts and Bolts of Resting Matthew Sandvik Play
2013-10-11 Be All That You Can Be Dr. John Oliver Play
2013-10-04 Absolutely Terrific Promises - Part 2 Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-09-27 Pursued By God...What Will You Choose? Mark Alder Play
2013-09-20 Absolutely Terrific Promises - Part 1 Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-09-13 Overcoming Life's Challenges Pastor Robert Quintana Play
2013-09-06 The What How and Why Dr. monte Burtch Play
2013-08-16 Peters Ladder Pastor Ken Crawford Play
2013-08-02 Injected With Venom Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-07-05 A Jar of Bread, A stick, and 2 Stones Psstor Aaron Payne Play
2013-06-21 Mutiny in the Desert Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-06-14 Mission Trip Report Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-06-07 You're not Grasshoppers Kenn Andersen Play
2013-05-31 The Color of Skin Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-05-24 Birds in the Desert Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-05-17 What? Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-05-03 Organized for Mission Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-04-26 Transformed Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-04-19 Staring at the Storm Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-04-12 Twice Healed Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-04-05 Prosperous Health Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2013-03-29 The Reason-ability of Our Faith Matthew Sandvik Play
2013-03-22 Yeah, We're Different Pastor Stephen Chavez Play
2013-03-01 The Keys of Heaven Pastor Jason Morgan Play
2013-02-15 The USA In Prophecy Pastor James Morgan Play
2013-02-08 The Five Stages of Evangelism Jason Morgan Play
2013-02-01 Stand In the Battle Jason Morgan Play
2013-01-25 Baptisms 1-26-13 Play
2012-12-14 The Truth Behind the Name Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2012-12-07 SDA Origins - 3rd Angels Message Pastor Aaron Payne Play
2012-11-30 What Adventist Really Means Elder Gordon Pifher Play